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Arriving in Canada to live, work or study is but the first step of a new and exciting journey. Everyone who embarks on it is courageous and most will admit to having at least some concerns about what lies ahead. For some, the Canadian immigration process is smooth. For others, the process proves more difficult. Once in Canada, everyone has the same goal – to successfully settle in.

The Canadavisa Immigration Discussion Board is about easing the transition from where you have been to where you are going by enabling you to interact with each other and with experts on issues that you decide are important. By joining, you can participate in discussions about Immigration, Relocation, Community Group Support, and Foreign Student Life in Canada.

Canadian Immigration and Settlement Online Community

Canadian Immigration and Settlement Online Community –

LoonLounge is the Canadian immigration and settlement online community. With a growing community base made up of Canadian immigrants, soon-to-be immigrants, Canadian citizens, and people who are only just thinking about immigration to Canada, LoonLounge is the place to connect and learn, seeking to improve the Canadian immigration and settlement experience.

LoonLounge: Building Canada together

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